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Welcome to Dronninglund Gymnasium

Dronninglund Gymnasium is a Danish High School, situated on the island which forms the northern part of Jutland.

Dronninglund Gymnasium offers 3 years of secondary education to pupils between 16 and 19 years of age. Approximately 40% of youngsters in Denmark choose this form of secondary education.

It is considered to be the highest general secondary education within the Danish school system, giving access to e.g. universities after the final exams.

Most years there are around 350 students in the 12 classes, 4 classes in each year.

The school is a public school financed by the state. It was founded in 1979, and the architecture of the school is quite modern.

Dronninglund Gymnasium is a well-functioning school with a creative milieu.
We try to encourage responsibility, democracy, and co-operation among all the groups at the school, qualities which we feel a school of such a small size as ours is well suited to further.

Music, drama and dance play an important part in the life of the school, every year a show is performed with the participation of nearly half the students.

International contacts

We encourage and support international contacts at all levels, including international school partnerships such as Erasmus+

Recently we have been accredited as an Erasmus+ school.

This has lead to contacts with schools in Europe, and at the present time we have exchange programs (Two weeks abroad) with Sweden, Belgium, Germany and Spain.

The purpose for our staff when establishing contacts with schools outside Denmark is to give students the possibility of getting to know young foreigners of their own age.
This helps our students to achieve a deeper insight and understanding of the culture, traditions, and the way of life of another country.

We also put emphasis on the social well-being af the students, and we carry out a number of anual activities aimed at creating a sense of belonging. By doing so we hope to raisie awareness of the importance of students’ personal and social well-being and the consequences it has for their sense of belonging (inclusion).

The subjects taught at our school are:


Mathematics, algebra

Social sciences
Religious studies
Economics, sales and marketing
Classical civilisation

Design and architecture

Cross curricular teaching

In Denmark Dronninglund Gymnasium is known for its innovative work within the field of project work. During the school year teaching is organised so that students get a chance to work in self-governing groups on various crosscurricular projects.

The objectives of these cross curricular activities vary, but many of them aim to:

  • raise awareness of environmental issues, renewable energy, climate change, and sustainability.
  • develop high quality digital skills.
  • prepare students for future job opportunities within, and outside, Europe (career learning).
  • support active citizenship, the development of global skills, and European identity and relations
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